Executive Board

Hans Copier, Chief Executive Officer


Hans Copier
Chief Executive Officer

Hans Copier (1957) has been Chief Executive Officer of Propertize since 26 June 2013. In such capacity, he is responsible for the Compliance & Operational Risk, Legal, HR and Acquisition & Underwriting corporate staff departments. Before Hans Copier joined Propertize, he was a member of the European Executive Committee and Country Manager Netherlands at CBRE Global Investors ING Real Estate Investment Management. He has also held the post of fund manager for several Dutch real estate portfolios. Hans Copier was moreover a member of the group management of the Giesbers Groep and held several positions at FGH Bank, including that of statutory director.

Current positions with other companies and organisations: Chairperson of Adviesgroep BREEAM In-Use, member of the Group of Experts of the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC), Supervisory Board member of Vesteda and Supervisory Board member of Pink and Nelson.

Jack Mondt, Chief Financial Officer


Jack Mondt
Chief Financial Officer

Jack Mondt (1959) has been Chief Financial Officer of Propertize since January 2012 and its predecessors. Prior to his appointment as CFO, he held various functions such as business office director and Chief Financial & Risk Officer. In his capacity as CFO, he is a member of the Executive Board, responsible for Finance, Operations and IT. Within the Executive Board he works closely with Hans Copier (CEO) and Eddie Byrne (CPO). From 2002 he worked at SNS REAAL and in the past held several financial management positions within SNS REAAL and SNS Bank. Previously, he worked 14 years at Fortis Bank Netherlands and Fortis Netherlands, Nutsspaarbank The Hague. He started his career at KPMG Accountants.

Eddie Byrne, Chief Portfollio Officer


Eddie Byrne
Chief Portfolio Officer

Eddie Byrne (1966) has been Chief Portfolio Officer at Propertize since 27 September 2016. In that capacity, he is responsible for all the business activities of Propertize that are implemented by the Asset Management, Loan Asset Management and Real Estate Asset Management departments. Eddie Byrne is also Executive Director of Hudson Advisors Ireland Limited, Adelaide Real Estate Investments PLC, Clear Real Estate Investments PLC and Start Mortgages Ltd with responsibility for the management of all Lone Star Investments in Ireland. Before that, Eddie Byrne held various positions at IBRC Boston, Anglo Irish Bank, Investec Bank Plc and Ulster Bank.